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The EEBO Introductions Series

Below is a post made by Richard Raiswell to the FICINO list. The link takes you to the new EEBO Introductions Series hosted by ProQuest. This is an interesting development I’ve been tracking for a few months. It’s interesting to see the initial results. It is also worth noting that editions of this sort (i.e., focusing on “a range of contextual, bibliographical, and reception-based issues associated with a work in EEBO that has received no recent scholarly edition”) would not be possible without the accompanying TCP texts.

Announcing the addition of nine new contributions to the EEBO Introductions Series, which can be viewed at:

Thomas Rawlins, ‘The Rebellion: A Tragedy’ (1640), by Anna Fahraeus

William Rowley, ‘A Tragedy called All’s Lost by Lvst’ (1633), by Anna Fahraeus

John Rastell, ‘A New Co[m]modye in Englysh in Maner of an Enterlude […] wherein is Shewd [and] Dyscrybyd as Well the Bewte [and] Good Propertes of Women, as Theyr Vycys [and] Euyll Co[n]dicio[n]s’ ([London] : Iohes Rastell me imprimi fecit, [c.1525]; STC 20721, Tract Supplement E4:2) [a translation of Fernando de Rojas’s La Celestina, Comedia o Tragecomedia de Calisto y Melibea], by Jos Maria Prez Fernndez

James Mabbe, ‘The Spanish bawd, represented in Celestina: or, The tragicke-comedy of Calisto and Melibea’ (1631), by Jos Maria Prez Fernndez

Abraham Cowley, ‘Abrahami Couleij Angli, Poemata Latina. In Quibus Continentur, Sex Libri Plantarum, viz. Duo Herbarum, Florum, Sylvarum, Et Unus Miscellaneorum […]’ (1668), by Victoria Moul

Job Hortop, ‘The Rare Trauailes of Job Hortop, an Englishman’ (1591) / The trauailes of an English man (1591), by Philip Palmer

Simon Fish, ‘A Supplicacyon for the Beggers’ ([1529?]), by Dunstan Roberts

John Bourchier, Lord Berners, ‘The Castell of Love’ ([1548?], [1552], [1555]), by Roco G. Sumillera

M.R., ‘The Mothers Counsell or, Liue within Compasse. Being the last Will and Testament to her dearest Daughter’ ([1630?]), by Ulrike Tanke

The EEBO Introductions Series provides concise and informative commentaries on some of the less well known texts in EEBO. Each contribution to the series has been prepared by a specialist in the field of early modern studies and offers insights into a range of contextual, bibliographical, and reception-based issues associated with a given EEBO text. For information on how to become a contributor to the series, please contact Edward Wilson-Lee (ew303@cam.ac.uk)

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