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EEBO-TCP Phase I Cataloging Table

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SGML table of EEBO-TCP Phase I Cataloging Records (NOTE: In order to read this file, you will need to unzip it and then open it with a text editor.)

Now that Phase I of EEBO-TCP encoding has been completed, we are pleased to offer a ID map of all items produced during the first phase. This map associates our internal “TCPid” numbers with STC numbers, catalog attributes (Redgrave, Wing, or Thomason Tracts), citation ‘accession’ numbers as supplied in the 001 field of ProQuest MARC records, image-set ID numbers assigned by ProQuest (appearing in the 856 field of ProQuest MARC records), date of publication (normally from DATE1 of MARC), and the number of page images in the EEBO image set.

Although we have made best efforts to map these relationships accurately, the TCP makes no guarantees regarding that accuracy. Because ProQuest continues to catalog, revise its cataloging, to scan, and to re-scan, none of these relationships is absolutely stable.

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