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EEBO-TCP hits 40,000 texts

The Text Creation Partnership is delighted to announce that 7,219 new Early English Books Online-Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP) texts have been published, bringing the total number of texts produced in our current phase of work to 14,823. Taken together with the 25,353 texts completed in Phase I, the full EEBO-TCP corpus now contains more than 40,000 pre-1700 English works encoded in TEI.

The new texts are now available to EEBO-TCP Phase II partners through the interface hosted by the University of Michigan and mirrored at Oxford University. They will also appear in ProQuest’s EEBO database with its first content update of 2012.

The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership began in 1999 as an innovative cooperative relationship between ProQuest, the University libraries of Michigan and Oxford, and the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) to convert 25,000 books from ProQuest’s EEBO image product into fully-searchable, TEI-compliant SGML/XML texts. In 2009, EEBO-TCP undertook a second phase with the aim of converting the remaining 44,000 unique monographs in the EEBO collection. Almost 90 individual libraries, as well as JISC Collections in the UK, have joined EEBO-TCP Phase II as partners.

Want to know more about becoming an EEBO-TCP partner? Contact tcp-info@umich.edu.

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