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Proceedings of EEBO-TCP Conference now available

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings of “‘Revolutionizing Early Modern Studies’?┬áThe Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership in 2012,” the conference held September 17-18 at the University of Oxford, are now available online┬ávia Oxford’s Research Archive. The proceedings include 14 papers based on the 21 presentations and five posters that made up […]

4,229 new EEBO-TCP texts–and more!

This month, the Text Creation Partnership published 4,229 new EEBO-TCP texts. This brings the total number of searchable electronic texts corresponding to Early English Books Online (EEBO) titles to 44,419 (25,367 completed from 2000-2009 as part of Phase I and 19,052 from 2010-present as part of Phase II). The newly released texts are now available […]

Possession is How Many Points of the Law?

This post from Colm MacCrossan, one of our editors at the University of Oxford, illustrates how the EEBO-TCP corpus can shed new light on old proverbs–and the challenge of sifting through and making sense of the results. The links throughout this post point to EEBO, the version of EEBO-TCP hosted by the University of Michigan […]