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4,229 new EEBO-TCP texts–and more!

This month, the Text Creation Partnership published 4,229 new EEBO-TCP texts. This brings the total number of searchable electronic texts corresponding to Early English Books Online (EEBO) titles to 44,419 (25,367 completed from 2000-2009 as part of Phase I and 19,052 from 2010-present as part of Phase II).

The newly released texts are now available to EEBO-TCP partner institutions via the EEBO-TCP platforms hosted by the University of Michigan and University of Oxford. The new batch of texts will also be added to ProQuest’s EEBO platform in the next EEBO content update, scheduled for February 2013.

Want to know more about what’s new?

To view a complete list of all the new texts, try a bibliographic search for ‘2012 November’ in the citation field.

Screenshot of a bibliographic search for '2012 November'

Here’s a peek at a few items from this batch:

In this fury, Leviathan expired, when the Assembly taking fresh Courage by this Death, laid Siege to the deserted Garrison. Engines are erected, and he is brought a shore, being in length Eighty Two Foot, the Tongue weighing above Six Hun∣dred Pound, as soft, but much bigger than a Feather-Bed. The Heart bigger and fatter than the Body of a great Ox, the Ribs and Bones like Beams, and the Teeth all Whale-bone, like the Rafters of a House meeting in Couples, but something closer, with white Beards like Wheat-Sheafs at the end of them, and the Tail like a chequer’d stript Scotch Plad, split in the middle, and spreading open on both sides. In the Mouth of which, being propt up with the mast of a Dublin Gibbard, ma∣ny People have been together.

  • Two bills of mortality, compiled by the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks in 1603 and 1625, document the death toll in parishes throughout England, specifically looking at deaths attributed to plague.

In addition to publishing more than 4,000 new texts, with this release the TCP has also published 86 new ECCO-TCP texts. The conversion of these texts was funded by the University of Helsinki, which joined the project several years ago.

To obtain copies of the EEBO-TCP source files for local use, request digital text for a book that has not yet been converted by EEBO-TCP, or learn more about becoming an EEBO-TCP partner, please contact us at tcp-info@umich.edu.

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