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EEBO-TCP Phase I Public Release: What to expect on January 1

The Text Creation Partnership is quickly arriving at a major milestone: starting January 1, 2015, all restrictions will be lifted from EEBO-TCP Phase I, which consists of the first 25,000 texts transcribed and encoded by the TCP from 2000-2009. These 25,000 (plus a few hundred) texts will be freely available to anyone wishing to use […]

Announcing the winner of the inaugural RSA-TCP Article Prize in Digital Renaissance Research

In 2013, the TCP and the Renaissance Society of America (RSA) teamed up to offer an article prize with the aim of┬árecognizing and rewarding original research that makes substantial and significant use of digitized archives of Renaissance print and manuscript source materials, and which engages thoughtfully with these resources. New scholarly articles published on or […]

3,913 New Texts Added to EEBO-TCP Phase II

Regular users of EEBO-TCP may have noticed that the corpus recently grew by a few thousand texts. As of March 2014, 3,913 new titles have been released, bringing the total number of texts in Phase II to 22,971! The complete EEBO-TCP corpus (Phases I and II together) now contains 48,339 books. These new titles are […]