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Partner institutions are less customers or purchasers than investors and shapers for the TCP. Partner institutions are asked to support the project financially, contribute subject or technical expertise as needed to shape key aspects of the project, and maintain a link to faculty and student users to create a sense of community around the initiative. Benefits of TCP partnership include:

  • Co-ownership of the texts that are produced.
  • Immediate access to existing texts, and periodic updates with new texts as they are created
  • Right to load and work with the text files locally
  • Partnership fees directly fund the keying and encoding of more books, improving the collection for everyone

Benefits for scholarly researchers

Word and phrase searching of the EEBO corpus provides a new research dimension never before available through print, microfilm or digital page facsimiles. Scholars are now able to pinpoint references to subjects, people or places that would not be indicated in a brief bibliographic citation. The search interface also allows scholars to uncover word patterns and other literary or linguistic forms across texts. Whether a user is seeking contemporaneous references to people or events, tracing citations to classical authors like Aristotle, or quickly finding known quotes, these thousands of searchable texts open up an array of research possibilities that was unthinkable when the texts were only accessible by author, title and broad subject.

Benefits for teachers and students

The ease of access that EEBO and the EEBO-TCP offers to texts once confined to rare originals and microfilm has already made the corpus a significant part of classroom teaching on a number of campuses. The EEBO in Education pages offer compelling examples of how teachers at both the undergraduate and graduate levels have used the corpus to introduce students to texts, both canonical and lesser known, as they appeared to their first readers. As these EEBO works become searchable, they become even easier to use in the classroom. Students can readily find references to the “great fire” of London, or remedies for common diseases, benefiting from clearly legible text with instant access to original illustrations and typefaces.