An Unexpected Discovery

In my last post, Function over Form: understanding the TCP encoding philosophy, I provided insights into the markup behind TCP texts, and discussed the philosophy behind why certain textual elements are captured and some are not.

This post is primarily concerned with the discovery of a potentially unique version of a poem, found in one of our texts. However, because this poem was a handwritten addition it is necessary to first revisit the TCP encoding philosophy, and provide an overview of TCP’s approach to dealing with handwriting in text. Readmore »

EEBO-TCP Tutorial Videos

Check out our new screencast tutorials, which walk you through the features of the Michigan and Oxford-hosted platform for the EEBO-TCP texts!

You can find them on this site by going to About > Tutorials.

Many thanks to Sarah Wingo, our Winter 2013, who created these videos!

Registration now Open: Early Modern Texts: Digital Methods and Methodologies

Registration is now open for our second EEBO-TCP conference to be held at the University of Oxford!

Early Modern Texts: Digital Methods and Methodologies, scheduled for September 16-17, 2013, will focus on early modern texts, with particular emphasis on digital research, and editing methods and methodologies in early modern studies. Papers will cover topics including:

  • Editing philosophies and practicalities
  • Digital citation
  • Hidden or developing research methodologies in the Humanities
  • Bridging traditional and digital methods
  • Comparative studies of different digital resources
  • Research based on EEBO-TCP
  • Digital tools to support early modern research
  • Approaches to teaching methodology

The full program is available online.  Readmore »