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TCP Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2007-10-30

    • TCP Board Meeting
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Board Members: William Miller (Chair, Florida Atlantic University), Paul Courant (University of Michigan), Mark Dimunation (Library of Congress, for Deanna Marcum), Ray English (Oberlin College), Marianne Gaunt (Rutgers University), Michelle Harper (Readex, for David Braden), Wendy Lougee (University of Minnesota), Sarah Michalak (University of North Carolina), Brandon Nordin (Gale), Richard Ovendon (Oxford University, for Sarah Thomas), Mark Sandler (Committee on Institutional Cooperation), Mary Sauer-Games (ProQuest), David Stam (Syracuse University)

TCP Staff and Guests: Maria Bonn (University of Michigan), Shawn Martin (University of Michigan), Paul Schaffner (University of Michigan), John Wilkin (University of Michigan)

    • Unable to attend:

William Walker (University of Miami)

    • I. Welcome and Introductions

William Miller, chair of the Board, welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the new Board members Brandon Nordin from Gale and Ray English from Oberlin as well as Richard Ovendon, standing in for Sarah Thomas from Oxford. He then went over the agenda. The first part of the meeting would be dedicated mostly to budget issues surrounding EEBO-TCP. The second half of the meeting would be devoted to other issues not directly related to the budget, but still affecting the future of the project.

    • II. Project Overview

TCP Past Accomplishments and Current updates

Shawn Martin updated the Board on the current status of the project noting that a total of 22 libraries had joined EEBO-TCP, Evans-TCP, and ECCO-TCP over the past year. Also a total of 4,981 texts had been added to the database bringing the grand total to nearly 19,000 texts. Additionally there have been over one hundred thousand uses of the database and about 2.5 million hits on the TCP project site over the past year. Also several articles about TCP have come out or soon will come out within the next year. Shawn wrote articles for the Journal of Electronic Publishing and Microform and Imaging Review; he also contributed chapters to two book projects Digital Scholarship and a series on Google coming out from Haworth Press. Finally Early Modern Literary Studies, an online journal will be publishing the proceedings of the September 2007 conference.

EEBO Updates

Mary Sauer-Games reported that EEBO continues to sell well. They have over 350 customers from 21 countries and continue to work with the Word Hoard project founded by Martin Mueller at Northwestern University. Mary also reported that ProQuest is making EEBO counter compliant for books and wants to build more community around their products (in ways that web 2.0 allows)

Evans Updates

Michelle Harper reported that their sales exceeded expectations by 198% and that they are now building a “Crossroads” project across their databases to allow annotations and comments from users of Evans and the rest of the Archive of Americana.

ECCO Updates

Brandon Nordin also reported good news from Gale and along with Mary Sauer-Games announced that the EEBO and ECCO databases will now be cross-searchable so that users can go to either collection and find records from the other.

III. Budget

Budget Review

Maria Bonn updated the Board on the current challenges TCP, particularly EEBO-TCP is facing over the next year. Currently finances are good through fiscal year 2008. EEBO-TCP is on target to complete 25,000 texts by the end of fiscal year 2008. Evans-TCP is likely, given current finances to complete around 6,000 texts. ECCO-TCP will complete around 1,300 texts. Therefore, the TCP, particularly in EEBO-TCP has been a success meeting most of its goals. Nonetheless, Evans-TCP and ECCO-TCP are still short of their goals of 6,000 and 10,000 texts respectively, and in fiscal year 2009, the TCP overall is facing a deficit of around $400,000 if it does not either reduce its current staff or bring in a large influx of money within the next six months.

Current Challenges

Therefore, TCP faces to primary challenges over the next year. First, how should it manage the current projected deficits in fiscal year 2009? Second, should it pursue more options to create a positive cash flow for fiscal year 2009 and beyond? Evans-TCP and ECCO-TCP sales have historically (for a variety of reasons, chiefly the presence of OCR text in both projects) been weaker than anticipated

IV. EEBO-TCP Round 2

V. Other Issues

Fee structure

Outreach to other groups/institutions

VI. Meeting on Future of TCP

VII. Planning for next meeting